Did you want Shirts? Because we have shirts.

They're here! After a long wait, a convention, and at least a week of procrastinating, I've updated the site with those fancy gold foil t-shirts you saw from all the pics at Twitch Con (and from at least one cast). I also have enamel pins! They're so sexy. And...postcards? YAAASSS those sexy ladies you love are now available in 5x7 postcard prints. Grab 'em all for less than the price of individual prints. 

I'm going to be putting more product up in the form of prints - from a new printer who is AMAZE. Check it out soon. In like...a week? <3

Holidays are here

30 November 2016

Holidays are here

Holidays are here

Hey! The holidays are here and I hope you're all planning to see family and have a great time and eat until you almost bust! I know it can be a hard time for some people, and I'm no exception. Some holidays are easy, but 2016 in general has been a hard year for me (and many others). Something something Mercury forever in retrograde. Anyway. Here's wishing you and everyone you love a wonderful holiday season filled with love and peace and beauty. <3 <3 

And if it's not, drink a bottle of wine and smoke something. It'll make you feel better. 

Prints are here!!

15 November 2016

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Prints are here!!

Prints are now in the store, just in time for holiday shopping (get yourself something, I won't tell!) More prints and more sizes to come, let me know which paintings you'd like to see as prints! 

These are up so far as 8x10s. More coming, I swear I swear!!

More and New and Coming Soon

I changed the look of things a little, I hope you like it!! I think it's a little cleaner, a little brighter.  

Also - look for a Prints section soon with some of your favorite pieces and some other pieces that are no longer available as originals!!


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Hello Friends!!

Welcome to my new store! I'm so excited to launch so you all have the opportunity to purchase your favorite pieces. 

Let me know what you think! What changes would you like to see? Do you like the format?

Oh! And prints will be coming soon. I've got to check out who I'm going to be doing them with, as I want the best quality available for y'all. They will be limited edition runs, so keep that in mind. When they go up, and they run out, there will be no more. <3